Hi, I'm Dr. Jessica

Founder of The Alchemist Dentist, international speaker, certified life coach, general dentist to oncology patients and passionate educator.

 Helping high-achieving and successful individuals (that’s you!) dismantle Impostor Phenomenon, Perfectionism and Burnout.

My Story

I was in my THIRD burnout and enough was enough.

I remember lying in my bed wishing the next 25 years of my dental career away. I just wanted to be retired already. I didn’t have energy. I don’t know where my confidence went. I never thought I was good enough. I felt defeated.

 I was smart, ambitious, driven, and some would say successful. Yet, I didn’t believe any of that. I noticed I would work longer hours to predict and prevent mistakes. I would over deliver because my standards were set unrealistically high. I would only look for mistakes instead of seeing my wins.

The truth is . . .


 . . . I thought I hid it well. I was a happy person, always laughing and energetic. Dental school was hard, but we all have to get through it, right?

I found practicing difficult. I was always searching for mistakes. I was always overworking. I was never good enough. I had a constant fear that something was going to go wrong and that I wasn't going to be able to handle it . . . so I feared the worst all the time.

If I feared it, then I could plan for it . . . right?

When I started to enjoy something . . . anything . . . I quickly resorted to fear because I knew it was only a matter of time before the shoe was going to drop.

I kept getting by just wishing I will make it to the next vacation so I could 'take a break'...but taking a break meant I would crash.

It didn't matter how many vacations I took, or spa days I had...I was never going to feel rested.

This turned into not being able to sleep, to irritability and always feeling exhausted.

I thought this was how dentistry was supposed to be. Chronically fatigued, always looking for mistakes and underestimating my abilities.

My hope: make it to retirement and then enjoy my life . . .

Does this sound familiar?

Hi, I'm Dr. Jessica Metcalfe

  • International Speaker
  • Certified Life and Business Coach
  • General Dentist to Oncology Patients
  • CEO and Founder of The Alchemist Dentist
  • Instructor U of T Dental School
  • Clinic Owner / Part-time Associate
  • Lifelong Learning Task Force for Canadian Dental Association
  • Past Education Director, Clinical Investigator/Researcher, and Acting Deputy Chief of Dentistry at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre
  • Past ODA Education Advisory Committee Member and Local dental society executive member
  • Featured on multiple podcasts including: The Dentalpreneur, EndoVoices, Dentists Who Invest, Love Your Practice,  The Dental Diaries, Noobie Dentist, The Happier Dentist, Dentist Productive Academy, CDA Oasis, My Loupes Are Up Here, The International Dentist, and Wealth Collective
  • Published in peer reviewed journals, including American Society of Clinical Oncology Journal

So Why I Do What I Do

  • To encourage the uncomfortable conversations
  • Create safe spaces so each person can be vulnerable sharing doubts and fears but also the joys and awesomeness
  • Reduce mental health stigma
  • Normalize asking for help

You are not alone!

Can you relate?

Are you ready to take the next step?

Are you ready to get rid of your self-doubt, fear of failure and overworking?

Mission Statement

To help high-achievers and high-performers dismantle Self-Doubt, Perfectionism and Burnout.

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