Hi, I'm Dr. Jessica

Founder of The Alchemist Dentist, international speaker, certified life coach, general dentist to oncology patients and passionate educator.

 Helping high-achieving and successful individuals (that’s you!) dismantle Impostor Phenomenon, Perfectionism and Burnout.

My Story

I was in my THIRD burnout and enough was enough.

I remember lying in my bed wishing the next 25 years of my dental career away. I just wanted to be retired already. I didn’t have energy. I don’t know where my confidence went. I never thought I was good enough. I felt defeated.

 I was smart, ambitious, driven, and some would say successful. Yet, I didn’t believe any of that. I noticed I would work longer hours to predict and prevent mistakes. I would over deliver because my standards were set unrealistically high. I would only look for mistakes instead of seeing my wins.

The truth is . . .

I thought I was going to be found out.

I questioned my abilities and assumed everyone around me was smarter or worked harder than me. I was unaware I motivated myself by the fear of failing and self-doubt. I was self-sabotaging.

I felt very alone but was successful. It didn't make any sense. Until I realized it was the Impostor Phenomenon that I was experiencing.

It happened when I set a new goal, tried something new or was given a challenge.

I needed to understand what was happening so I dove deep into the research and studies about Impostor Phenomenon, Perfectionism and Burnout.

In a way I wouldn’t be ‘discovered’, I would ask peers about their anxiety, work and failures. This, is when I realized I wasn’t alone, but that no one was talking about their experiences.

These conversations are uncomfortable to have regardless of who you are speaking to because it requires vulnerability and trust.

Why I Do What I Do

Ultimately, I started out on this journey trying to figure out what was happening to me and in doing so, I began helping others around me.

That’s when I decided to take a deep dive through the research and studies, get my life coaching certificate and start The Alchemist Dentist.

You are not alone!

Can you relate?

Are you ready to take the next step?

Are you ready to get rid of your self-doubt, fear of failure and self-sabotage?

Are you ready for The Alchemist Dentist next step?

Mission Statement

To help high-achievers and high-performers dismantle Impostor Phenomenon, Perfectionism and Burnout.

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