Let Dr. Jessica inspire you to be more confident and empowered both in your career and life. She delivers a dynamic and captivating format for an uncomfortable and vulnerable topic while leaving audience members with tools to help with their transformation. 


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Hi, I'm Dr. Jessica

I'm an Impostor Phenomenon, Perfectionism and Burnout Expert.


How? Let me tell you!

I was in my THIRD burnout and enough was enough.

I remember lying in my bed wishing the next 25 years of my dental career away. I just wanted to be retired already. I didn’t have energy. I don’t know where my confidence went. I never thought I was good enough. I felt defeated.

I was smart, ambitious, driven, and some would say successful. Yet, I didn’t believe any of that. I noticed I would work longer hours to predict and prevent mistakes. I would over deliver because my standards were set unrealistically high. I would only look for mistakes instead of seeing my wins.


The truth is . . .

I thought I was going to be found out.

I questioned my abilities and assumed everyone around me was smarter or worked harder than me. I was unaware I motivated myself by the fear of failing and self-doubt. I was self-sabotaging.

I felt very alone but was successful. It didn't make any sense. Until I realized it was the Impostor Phenomenon that I was experiencing.

In a way I wouldn’t be ‘discovered’, I would ask peers about their anxiety, work and failures. This, is when I realized I wasn’t alone, but that no one was talking about their experiences.

These conversations are uncomfortable to have regardless of who you are speaking to because it requires vulnerability and trust.

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Dr. Jessica is engaging, captivating and absolutely inspiring. She will deliver quality information and helpful tools in order to dismantle impostor phenomenon, perfectionism and burnout.

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“Absolutely phenomenal presentation. Very helpful, very clinically relevant. I love how she walked us through details down to the specific products she’s recommend a patient and the rational behind why. I’m always googling products in my spare time to learn what ingredients are in things so I can make an educated recommendation, so I really appreciated this mall detail. I also love how she walked us through how she approached dental treatment in a patient who’d previously received radiation therapy. It was captivating and helpful to go through. Please have her back.”

“Excellent speaker who was engaging and dynamic. Very smart dentist who shows that she loves her job. A jot to listen to.”

“Instructor was great! Very concise and straight to the point. Has good information on clinical treatment that can be applied to my dental practice. Overall very useful and great class!”

“Absolutely amazing speaker, would love to hear her on similar topics. Very imformative, great job!”


"Dr. Metcalfe gave a very engaging and informative talk on Imposter Phenomenon and Perfectionism to our group. I have never heard these topics discussed on a professional level with other woman in healthcare, and it resonated deeply with all of us. It was the first time that my feelings of inadequacy, fear of failure, and perfectionist driven anxiety were validated and explained. Not only was it life changing to have my feelings validated, Dr. Metcalfe also provided tangible solutions and strategies for overcoming these thoughts. She has an honest yet humorous way of breaking down such a tough subject. I cannot wait to see Dr. Metcalfe speak again! I think this is something every student and young professional should be exposed to."

Dr Shivani Barto, DDS

General Dentist, Founder of Creative Collective, Co-Founder of Podcast My Loupes Are Up Here

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