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Dr. Jessica is a confidence coach on a mission to empower and unlock the inner voices of high-stressed high-achievers. Speak Kindly, You’re Listening is her first book teaching high-achievers how to interpret their inner voice to get unstuck both personally and professionally.

Dr. Jessica’s experience working with cancer patients, her own mental health journey, and her impact as a certified life coach has shifted hundreds of high-achievers away from imposter syndrome, perfectionism, burnout, and dark mental chatter to a new, healthy, inspiring, supportive, creative, and cooperative relationship with themselves.

She has given keynote speeches and presentations to The University of Toronto, Boston University, Key Media, Women in Wealth Management, and Princess Margaret Cancer Centre among other international organizations and companies, and looks forward to bringing her humour, storytelling, and actionable results to your next event.

Inspiring transformation

One high achiever at a time

How can Dr. Jessica help you?
  • Build better relationships and collaborations with your peers
  • Feeling Happier and more fulfilled at work
  • Greater self-awareness and an informed optimistic mindset
What are the benefits of working with Dr. Jessica?

Formatted as more than just a motivational speech, Dr. Jessica believes in starting accountability by making changes while she is right there with you. In this safe and inclusive space,  Dr. Jessica helps her audience overcome their fear of taking the first step and provides support and guidance.

"What The Hell Is Wrong With You?"

The hustle and grind work culture that we’ve become accustomed to has churned out people feeling under-appreciated and over-worked. People are questioning if their career is even worth it. They’re beginning to question if it’s worth their mental and physical health.

In this open and raw discussion, Dr. Jessica breaks down effective leadership and communication styles, ways to improve workplace culture and ways to improve your quality of life.

Learning Objective

  • Redefine leadership skills within yourself and your office

  • Gain tangible skills to increase individual and group performance, productivity and confidence

  • Explore worry, stress and anxiety while preventing workplace burnout

"Am I Good Enough?"

Have you ever felt that if you took one more course, or had that specific degree, or even that right client, you would feel that much more confident? Do you question or underestimate your abilities? Do you struggle to leave work at work and find that it follows you home? Are you waking up in the middle of the night in a panic or having trouble sleeping because you looked ahead at your schedule? Dr. Jessica has answered ‘yes’ to all of these questions too and now teaches others why it happens, what is happening and how to make changes.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify Impostor Syndrome and Impostor Types
  • Facilitate meaningful changes to communicate effectively with yourself and others
  • Examine the difference between good and bad perfectionism
  • Explore worry, stress, and anxiety while understanding how to prevent burnout

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