What is the difference between an achievement and success?

inspiration think again Apr 09, 2021


Is success wealth, status or position? Is success based on numbers, figures or analytics? Is success a compliment or an appreciative comment? Is success a feeling? Success can be defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. But, who gets to define your success?


Success doesn’t look the same for everyone and nor should it. Because success is personal and subjective, each of our successes look different. Success may be finishing a 5km run (regardless of what place you came in). Success may be writing that first blog post. Success may be your degree. Success may be you getting out of bed this morning.


The Impostor Mind

The Impostor Mind can trick you into believing that you are deserving or worthy of your success. If can even convince you that “that success wasn’t big enough or perfect enough.” The Impostor Mind can keep moving the goal post where you think you are never achieving. Never getting better. Never reaching your full potential.

But let me tell you this: YOU are successful! You are constantly evolving, growing and learning. Each experience, whether you view it good or bad is an experience. It may not be clear immediately on why this happened, but you can always find something (really anything) that makes all experiences worthwhile.


Finding a different perspective

The only change you need to make is how you choose to view the situation and then communicate it to yourself. The words you choose to use matter and have meaning. I’m not saying you need to find the absolute ‘pot of gold’ at the end of a crappy situation. But I am saying you can definitely find one small coin that you can take into future experiences. Remember, every single skill is completely transferrable, you only have to figure out how.

Tip of the Day: Think back to a “bad” experience. In it, find something that made you realize how ‘to do’ something the next time or how ‘not to do’ something the next time. It’s all transferrable. 




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