Speak Kindly, You're Listening Podcast - Episode 1: Befriending Your Inner Gremlin with Steph Corker

podcast Oct 13, 2022
Speak Kindly, You're Listening - Ep 1: Step Corker


Challenging your self-sabotage, that voice inside that is telling you you’re not good enough, is a reality, so finding a new friendship with your inner gremlin that lives within is powerful. Know that you are not the only one struggling with body issues, ego and facing burnout while trying to reach your next goal. Today we are chatting with Steph Corker on all things body positivity and how being kind to ourselves in every moment, utilizing your inner cheerleader will change your life!


What you’ll learn: 

  • How your inner gremlin affects more than your voice and how to face it
  • The reality of self sabotage 
  • Healing relationships with your body and the challenge of how to love yourself exactly as you are
  • How to live in the moment, embrace success, and redefine productivity


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