Speak Kindly, You're Listening Podcast - Episode 2: Decluttering Your Mental State with Jane Stoller

podcast Oct 20, 2022
Speak Kindly, You're Listening - Ep 2: Jame Stoller

The word failure can bring so much negativity to our thought process, affecting our workflow, mindset, and self-worth. Giving yourself permission to jump into the unknown in the midst of the fear of failure, to find your true destiny of what you were born to do is not easy. You may need some help, guidance, and a whole lot of organization along the way. Know that your inner cheerleader can slowly silence your inner gremlin by using the right tools, mentors, and intentions to bring you to your proper path. We are speaking with Jane Stoller, the master of organizing and decluttering your business and life, discussing how you can organize your high achieving self, to silence the fear of failure, and go for your dreams. 

Learn what your Inner Cheerleader is saying to you, including: 

  • How to recognize you don’t have to speak to yourself negatively anymore
  • How to find sources to inspire positivity and turn up the volume of your inner cheerleaders voice
  • Hiring coaches to help guide you through the process of being a business owner as a healthy decision

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