Oncology Patient Consulting


Let me paint you a picture. Your patient arrives for a dental appointment and you exchange pleasantries. The patient then says, “I have been diagnosed with cancer”. Your initial reaction might be, “Ok, no dental treatment until AFTER your cancer treatment.”

But, what you should be asking are more in depth questions to make sure you have all the information you need to provide appropriate care for this specific patient population.

The oncology patient requires an alternative perspective in treatment planning and then implementation. Before, during and after cancer therapy can present with different and unique challenges.

If you are interested in additional support, I’m here to help.

Common Questions

  • Is it safe for the patient to have a hygiene appointment while undergoing chemotherapy?
  • When should I be concerned about the patient's blood counts?
  • Which teeth should I extract pre-radiation?
  • What type of procedures are contraindicated for patients on IV bisphosphonates?
  • How often should the oncology patient see the dentist?
  • What options should I consider for the palliative patient?
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Collaborative Approach

Together We Will

  • Develop a treatment plan for your patient PRE-, DURING, and POST-cancer therapy
  • Build your confidence in dental recommendations for the oncology patient
  • Examine the complexity of xerostomia and survey applicable products
  • Establish a base knowledge of osteoradionecrosis and medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaw while providing continuity of care
  • Design your role in the interprofessional team and recognize when it's time to refer

Why Work With Me?

Education is my jam! I am a staff dentist and education director at a cancer centre where I solely treat oncology patients.

I am an international lecturer on the topic of treating the cancer patient and have a special interest in improving quality of life for the oncology patient post-cancer therapy.

I am a part-time instructor at the University of Toronto Dental School where I teach about medically compromised patients.

When I say Education is my jam, I mean it! I have also taken part in local, provincial and national dental organizations with the endeavor to improve education and life-long learning.

My ultimate goal: to provide you with unique knowledge about the cancer patient so you are prepared to provide comprehensive care.

Work With Me

Get in touch with Dr. Jessica if you have a question about your cancer patient.